EAT: York & Albany Pizza, NW1

EAT: Nonna’s Deli is reincarnated, York & Albany, NW1

Nonna’s deli next to the York & Albany was a great idea, but hideously executed. SO expensive, so under-staffed, so pretentious, so empty, such crap service. Case in point: went in there on a Monday bank holiday once, one member of staff, one other customer, waited 15 minutes to be served, bought ten slices of salami. Was charged £24. Left, having momentarily lost the ability to speak.

Good news then, that they closed it! And have reopened something a little more relaxed in its place. The York & Albany Pizza is a simple little cafe, serving slices of pizza and other yummy snacks, including some of the best selections from its posher neighbour. Decor hasn’t changed much inside, and there’s still the oppotunity to buy all the pizza ingedients you need so you can DIY at home. There’s a little bar and outside seating too, and the vibe – while still a little on the pretentious side – is a lot more chilled. I think I might find myself there one warm summer’s eve.

Here’s a look at the menu! And the link you need.