EAT: One Blenheim Terrace, St John’s Wood

Just a little shout out for this lovely place in St John’s Wood that opened last year and offers some of the best value for amazing, top qaulity food and fine dining, at a fraction of the price you’d pay in central London.

Sadly a little bird has told me they’re not as busy as they should be, and I just don’t know why. The service is wonderful, the decor cool and interesting and the food is excellent – the menu deconstructs English and contintenal dishes with certain aplomb. Pictured is the simple sounding ‘smoked salmon and cream cheese’ – but what you get is expertly and lightly smoked fish swirls, with soft salmon mousse nestled inside, coupled with two cream cheese and chive meringues dressed with edible flowers and seasoned to perfection. And that’s just a starter, which costs around £7! Look how pretty it is!!

The wine list is also fanstastic value – the kind of place you can order something pretty good and still feel happy saying later on in the meal, in that lovely cavalier way, “Another bottle please.”

Please give it a try this Friday night, it’s a lovely local restaurant and we need more of them!