EAT: Bull & Last, NW5

Much like good ole Giles Coren, I am such a fan of this place. We come here at lunch, dinner, random afternoons in the sunshine and it always delivers. Firstly there’s a reassuring confidence about the place, it just knows what it’s doing, understands its well-deserved reputation. This means service can be a bit ‘cool’ occasionally, but they’re always friendly, efficient and warm.

Wine and beers are always interesting and fairly well-priced, while the food is renowned. The Scotch eggs here saw a renaissance in Scotch eggs in gastros across London, while their sausage rolls, picnics, fish and chips and icecream takeaway options are awesome. And I haven’t even got onto the main menu yet! Every single Friday, Saturday and Sunday this place is full, and understandably so. They love big parties, children, dogs, wellies – anything goes here and they still manage to serve the best wholesome, top quality food of any pub in the captial. Think rustic flavours of country pate, oxtail ragu, lamb shanks, white bait – all cooked to perfection.


There’s nothing exactly extraordinary about this place, decor is cool, but no more so than anywhere else, but it’s this places’ consistency that impresses me. It just knows what it does well, and keeps on doing it well.