EAT: E.Mono, I salute you

I toyed with making the title of this post: ‘In which we give thanks for having Giles Coren as our neighbour’. But then I didn’t. But I could have, you know. Because without him I apparently wouldn’t know about half the amazing places to eat on my doorstep. And some of the ones to avoid.

Anyway, so, the big one, the one that everyone’s been wittering on about recently is E.Mono – a kebab shop in Kentish Town. People come from MILES away to try this place out. (My sister came from Camberwell, which she almost never leaves). I adore this kebab shop, it makes me happy in all sorts of ways – the food is good, it’s reasonably priced, it looks nice – I love the big gold extractor fans that seem to have been effortlessly incorporated into the red brickwork and dark wood theme –  there’s even branded wrapping and uniforms! And the people in those uniforms are so friendly, helpful and nice. It’s like no other kebab shop i’ve ever been. Wonderous thing.

And really, it’s not even that unhealthy. And the kebabs are delicious – we tend towards a chicken doner wrap – which comes glistening with moist, succulent chunks of chicken, spicy sauce, rocket, tomatoes and delicious chillis. Unwrap and it eat it walking home – don’t save it till you get home. It’s too flippin’ good.

E.Mono, 287 Kentish Town Road.

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