EAT: The Ginger Pig, Marylebone

My other half is a big carnivore. That’s not to say I’m not, but I mean, meat really gets him excited, you know. He’s never happier than in a butcher’s shop, perusing the steaks, racks of ribs, lamb shanks, sausages, bacon…. You get the drift. And there is probably, then, no better place to take him that the wonderous Ginger Pig. And even better, there’s one in Marylebone. Hurrah!

Beloved by meat eaters and restaurants throughout London, this fantastic butcher has been at the forefront of producing great quality meat from its farm on the Yorkshire Moors. They focus on happy, healthy animals, reared in grassy open spaces, and excellent standards of husbandry. When the meat gets to London, their five stores boast friendly, informative and expert butchers who really know their stuff. You can expect to get everything here from bone marrow and rare game to basic sausages and fillet steaks. They have never not had something I needed. (One time, they even heffed a great hunk of lamb off a hook and sawed off two lamb shanks for me, right there. Yes, for the veggies, this is not).

To top it all, prices are really, really fair – I meant it’s not cheap, cheap – but it’s great quality, sensibly priced. In addition, at the Marylebone shop, they also offer free range eggs, homemade lasagnes, pork pies, meatballs and pates to take away, and a vast array of chutneys, spices and sauces. It’s a real homage to wonderful food and you can always count on the quality. Always.

The Ginger Pig
8-10 Moxon Street