DRINK: Fruity ice tea

I love Lov Organic teas, they’re always really tasty and rich in flavour, made with lots of good things and no yucky addictives. This berry tea makes a healthy alternative to caffeine and can also be turned into ice tea. It’s really simple.

  • Three large spoonfuls of tea
  • One large spoonful of brown suger
  • 500ml of nearly boiled water
  • Lots of ice cubes
  • Mint, orange, lemon, strawberries, pomegranate or whatever you fancy to garnish

Put the tea and the sugar in a large jug; add the water – it should be nearly boiling, but not quite. Leave the tea and sugar to steep for five minutes. It should be a wonderful red colour by now, add about 15 ice cubes and stir well. Then, using a sieve, pour the tea into another jug, or straight into glasses to serve, with additional ice. I added orange slices with mint sprigs, but you could use any fruity combination.

Original recipe, and lots of other tasty teas available here.