THINK: A plea for your good natures

I hope you’ll forgive me for some somewhat shameless fundraising. But it’s a good cause.

poleLast Sunday we did one of our favourite things, and walked across the Heath to The Flask in Highgate, bought the Sunday Times on the way, and settled in at a cosy spot near the bar for a pint of ale and a good dose of sabbath newsprint. I especially wanted to read the paper this time, as a friend of mine (far right) is undertaking the most impressive challenge, and the paper has taken their endeavour on as their Christmas Appeal.
Walking with the Wounded this year sees three injured members of the Royal Dragoons – Captin Adam Crookshank, 29, Corporal Robbie Harmer, 29, and Lance-Corporal Nick Webb, 23 – retrace the infamous steps of perhaps the best known Dragoon ever, Captain Oates – the man who famously, on that ill-fated bid to reach the pole wtith Scott, said: “I am going outside….I may be sometime.” Before walking barefoot into a blizzard, never to be seen again. In what is universally acknowledged as  staggering act of sacrifice to save his fellow explorers, Oates, whose feet were crippled by frostbite, chose to end it all, as he knew he was slowing the other men down. Now, 100 years on, three soldiers injured in Afghanistan will walk the same route the men took, to raise money for Walking with the Wounded.

You can find out more about their amazing expedition here, and more about the charity (which supports training for soldiers who have been invalided out of the army and helps them find new careers) here.

Thank you.