LOVE: Buying from your local shops online

IMG_1588I have to admit to a penchant for food shopping online, the ease of having everything you need for a dinner party, or just a weekend at home, delivered to your door makes me super happy. And I’d much prefer to spend 15 minutes on a Saturday morning waiting for the shopping to arrive than battling it out at a horrible busy supermarket.

This Christmas we’re hosting a few people and have already ordered our meat from the lovely team at The Hampstead Butcher and Providore, which we’re collecting on Christmas Eve morning. However, with work schedules and busy December plans we were looking at having to shop for the rest of the things we needed on the last Saturday before Christmas. Quel horreur.

Not anymore! Enter Hubbub – a genius idea that’s been running for a few years now, but has seemed to remain somewhat of a local secret. Hubbub brings together in one website a whole host of products from great local and independent shops,  you order online, they then send a driver round to collect them in a nice little van, and he then delivers them to you. And you pay the exact same prices for the products as you would if you’d schlepped out in the rain to get them in the shop. Delivery charges start at a modest and very fair £3.50.

Using this amazing service we’ve ordered smoked salmon from Hansen & Lydersen in Stoke Newington, pork pies from The Ginger Pig in Marylebone, salami from Saponara Italian Delicatessen in Islington, a cheeseboard from La Fromagerie and Jonathan Morris fishmongers in Hackney.It will be delivered on Christmas Eve, at an alloted time and delivery is free cos we’ve spent over £75. Amazing. Instead of fighting with the scrum for some ordinary supermaket smoked salmon, we get the best quality produce, from local suppliers right to our door, for no extra cost.

(Screenshot below. Look at all those LOVELY shops!)

I literally can’t fault this. Wonderful.