EAT: Caravan, NW1

5 December UPDATE:

I have now been here for brunch, and thought I should report back on my findings. Sadly, while the food was good, very tasty, well-cooked, the rest of the experience left a LOT to be desired. Service was appalling – distant, arrogant and verging on rude. The two men behind the bar were some of the most obnoxious and self-involved I’ve ever met. More interested in comparing extensive facial hair and piercings than serving customers. When I finally got the attention of one of them (after ten minutes of waving) he SAUNTERED over to me and stood far enough away from me so I had to lean over the bar and shout my order at him. He proceeded to make my Bloody Mary’s in front of me, but then took them away to the end of the bar so a waitress could bring them round to me. Honestly. What is that?

Anyway, in addition, it was freezing and there’s nothing in place to stop the icy wind driving in through the massive main doors every single time someone opens them, which was often. Other moans include, ordering a beer, waiting 20 minutes for it, deciding I didn’t need it and trying to cancel it, only to find the waitress hadn’t bothered to order it yet, cos she: ‘Got a bit busy’. Then asked for the bill, had to ask twice more before it arrived. We didn’t pay the voluntary service charge and I won’t be returning. Sigh.

Shame. How was everyone else’s experiences?

26 October 2012: REVIEW 1

So I still haven’t eaten at the Exmouth Market Caravan – despite having walked past it numerous times and always been amazed at the delicious smells of coffee and bacon wafting from the kitchen.

Now it has opened a new branch at the swanky Granary Square (a newly developed area opposite the St Pancras station entrance), which offers the same industrial chic dining, in a huge warehouse style space, with a slight overtone of ‘feeding the masses’. But don’t let that put you off. The food here is awesome and despite the space, the place feels friendly and warm.

Australian and New Zealand in origin and inspiration, with sharing plates – as well as pizzas and large dishes – the order of the day, this is all about hearty food with worldwide influences. My faves when I ate there for dinner included grits and girolles, tomato flatbread, chorizo and butternut squash croquettes, Israeli couscous and Wagyu striploin (we ate a lot). We washed this down with a divine bottle of red (a Faugere) from their great wine list which, like the food, comes from all over the globe. It’s a fun place for a night out with friends, there’s a good vibe and a cool crowd. Great to see more of my favourite places heading north west!

Oh, and brunch here is renowned here too, if you go, tell me how good it is!

Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, N1c