DRINK: A different kind of date night!

Wine_cellarWe are hosting Christmas this year, and, as our first proper Christmas since we got married (we were on a desert island honeymooning last Christmas), we want to Do It Right. And partof this, to us, meant choosing some sensational wine to go with our rib of beef (thank you Hampstead Butcher.).

With minimal weekends to go before Christmas Day we decided to head to Majestic in Camden one Friday night – it’s open till 8pm and meant we could buy a couple of bottles we liked the sound of, try them, and then return to buy enough of the one we liked best on Saturday.

Turns out, Majestic on a Friday night, perfect place for a date! Grab a little glass of one of the wines they leave out for you to try, (they have between ten and 20 bottles for you to try at any one time), and have a wander. Find new wines, search by country for the things you like best. Go mad in the fine wine section, ask the impressively knowledgeable guys in there about what they recommend. Try some more wine. Buy a few bottles of that. Then try some more wine. Potter about down the aisles, wine glass in hand, read the very informative labels, learn  something. Stop pottering eventually, and lean against the wine trying counter, smelling, tasting and discussing various wines. You won’t get moved along, the guys in there will let you stay as long as you want and never moan about how many wines you’re trying. It’s brilliant. (And it’s exactly what another couple in there were actually doing.) And, as we were paying, one of the friendly guys in there gave us a little glass of Bollinger to try, you know, just cause.

Eventually, grab a few bottles to try, head home, get a takeaway and enjoy some delicious tipples.

Majestic have a really impressive selection of wines, well-known and lesser known, all the staff have a great knowledge of and passion for wine, and it’s a genuinely pleasant place to shop. It gets my vote, every time.

P.S You can drive and park too, which is handy, but please don’t drive and then drink, obvs. Ta muchly.