THINK: A spring walk…

photo (1)R came back from seeing family – and his new baby niece Lexie – in Australia at the weekend. It’s been a bit of a tricky week with him away – we had builders in the house all week fixing and replacing windows and redoing some render on the front of the house, so everything was rather in disarray.

Added to that we’re house-hunting for a little country cottage to move to down  in Gloucestershire before the baby is born, to be near family and friends, and have more space and a different pace of life, and it’s proving to be an emotional minefield. Falling in love with one place, then losing it, despite your best efforts. Then finding another, and waiting on answers for that. It’s just the waiting I can’t stand. Excruciating.

So, anyway, it was good to have him back. After a 4:30am run to Heathrow, and an early morning power nap, we set off for some of the first sunshine we’d seen in what feels like months. Spring fever was definitely in the air – everyone was out on Hampstead Heath, walking dogs, flying kites, getting the wellies good and dirty. We walked for a blissful hour through the mud, chatting and catching up, before heading to our favourite local, The Bull and Last for a bite of lunch and then home to our cosy little house for some mega chilling on the sofa, and very early bed for R.

photo (3) photo (2)

It was a perfect London day. One that made me feel nostalgic and happy about the many wonderful years we’ve spent here, and one that made me excited about all that is to come.