WEAR: Bump basics…

photo 4Finding things to wear as I get bigger has been interesting. I don’t want to spend all my money on maternity clothes, but most of the things I owned had tight waists or now don’t stretch across my bump.

The best purchase by a mile has been maternity jeans, I’ve got three pairs – two blue, one black. Two of them are from H&M, and cost me the princely sum of £14.99 each. Even though they’re skinny fit, they’re uber-comfy, the nice expandable cotton top makes them so easy to wear as my bump gets bigger and they go with everything. In fact, for a long time, this was all I bought, and I just paired them with jumpers and shirts and a pair of boots.

In the last month or so I’ve graduated to actual maternity tops, gathered at the sides to allow extra room in front, I find I’ve been favouring a Breton stripe mostly (!) – which I pair with a jacket for work, and a big scarf for the weekend. The current trend for little ankle boots makes wearing heels really easy too – I still like a little bit of height, even though I’m top heavy now!

photo 5

I’ve also loved wearing this long black wool dress I bought before I got married at Anthroplogie – it’s the only item of clothing I own from there (their clothes are SO over-priced, and even then I got it in the sale), but it’s a lovely, flattering shape and was one of the first outfits I wore with confidence when I was sure my bump was a baby, and not too much pizza!

photo 2

Aside from this dress though, I’ve found maternity dresses hard to find…despite being all about leggings, boots and dresses before I was pregnant, I find I’ve really changed how I’m dressing (probably something to do with those amazing expandable maternity jeans), as most dresses just look like tents on me. This one from ASOS is the only one I’ve liked that I’ve bought, mostly because it’s floaty and flattering, and is smart enough for work. 

photo 3

Having lost over a stone when I got pregnant, and so far (touch wood) having kept that weight off, I can honestly say I’ve never enjoyed getting dressed so much as I do at the moment. Everything seems to look nice, it’s easy to find simple outfits that look pretty, and it’s fun seeing your clothes change as your body changes. I’ve even got quite into checked shirts – something R is thrilled about. And with our new country life looming, I am turning into quite the farmer’s wife!

photo 5 (2)