EAT: The Cabbage Soup Diet…

photo 1 (3)About every two or three days, R will come home from work, via the supermarket and throw a bag of spinach down on the kitchen table. “I thought we could have this with dinner,” he’ll say, before tottering off for a shower. Never mind what supper actually is – and whether an entire bag of spinach will go with it – he has decided it is time for us (and by us, I mean the baby and I) to be eating more spinach.

Because R is fanatical about wanting this baby to be uber-healthy (which is perfectly fair), but can’t actually forcefeed it spring greens himself, he has had to resort to a strange sort of healthy ‘feeders diet’ – of forcing cabbage, kale, broccoli, spring greens, spinach etc into me on a daily basis. It’s like watching a parent feed a fussy child. He’s always coming up with ever more inventive ways to get greens inside me. When we ponder what to have for supper, his suggestions go something like this:

“Stirfry, with kale and spinach? Or roast chicken with lots of cabbage? Or soup with broccoli on the side? Or ceaser salad with a bowl of spinach? Stewed lentils with kale? Bacon sarnie with broccoli? Pizza with a cabbage salad?” And on it goes. I can’t moan about his dedication to a healthy baby, he’s quite right to want to make sure it’s healthy, but it does make me laugh.

photo 3 (3)

Take Sunday for instance. He was making vegetable soup. Supposedly. Except that when I walked into the kitchen, I discovered he had purchased not one, not two but four different types of cabbage, including two different types kale. All of which he ceremoniously stuck into his soup. So now it’s cabbage soup, with vegetables. And he is thrilled!

photo 4 (3)

Disclaimer: I should probably point out that I actually like green veg and am eating plenty of it anyway, this is just on top of what I normally eat. In case you thought I was some lax mother living on string cheese and Dairy Milk bars. Which I am not.