EAT: Breakfast in bed…

IMG_0377We still have no curtains in our little house, which is fine because we’re not overlooked at all, but it does mean that when the sun has got his hat on and he comes out to play, we have to wake up and play too. Even if it’s 6am. #

On Sunday, Richard was keen to get back to London for more painting of windows and packing of boxes and general organising (and the football, the F1, etc etc). I had been dragging my proverbial feet about this all weekend, knowing I didn’t want to head back to the big smoke but stay in our cottage and enjoy the sunshine. (How quickly the mighty cityslickers are fallen).

Anyway, with the sun beaming through the window, there was no excuse not to be awake and Richard made sure to take full advantage.


He leapt out of bed and got tinkering in the kitchen, first bringing tea, and then an epic bacon and egg sandwich. (Which I was made to eat with a bib fashioned out of tea towels so as not to get egg yolk on our nice duvet cover.


I ate it, gazing at the sunlight coming through our window and wished and wished we didn’t have to leave.


Back next weekend though. Hurrah!