THINK: 30 weeks today…

photo 2I don’t know why, but reaching 30 weeks today feels like quite the milestone. I’ll be seven months next Wednesday, but it’s that nice round 30 number that has felt pretty amazing. The last couple of months have been very full on with house stuff, both here and in London, so the baby has rather helpfully just been getting on with its own job of getting bigger and wrigglier by the day.

I now have enough of a bump that I don’t even need a badge to get a seat on the tube, and I can feel it moving, kicking, stretching, turning over or expressing the entire Elton John back catalogue through the medium of dance all the time. The moving around has by far been the best bit of the pregnancy so far, I love knowing our little someone is in there, happily busying themselves about. I was looking back at my midwife notes this morning and on every appointment they’ve written: “Very active baby”. I don’t know if they write this for everyone, but I took it as the baby’s first gold star.

Lord knows what it will be like when its born. Based on what Ann has said about Richard, who apparently didn’t sit still for the first eight years of his life, coupled with the amount the Wriggler has been wriggling, we’re in for a busy old time of it! But I can’t wait.

Here follows some gratuitous bump shots for Laura, who is FAR away and can’t see me and the bump all the time. And anyone else who has developed somewhat of  a bump obsession….

photo 4 photo 3 photo 5