LOVE: NCT and all the fun…

We started our NCT classes last weekend. We’re doing them in Nailsworth, a lovely little town about 15 minutes drive from our house. We had a Friday night session, followed by a six hour session on the Saturday. It was a great way to meet local people and I’m so pleased we picked Nailsworth to do it in, over Swindon – everyone was really friendly, very much like-minded spirits, as it were, and it’s exciting to meet people going through similar things and at the same time as you. We’re due first – 4 June, and then all the other babies in our group are due throughout June, the last one’s due date being 27 June.

It was fascinating to see the other things people have been reading up on, and what they’re worried about or not worried about, and what their plans are for having the baby and afterwards. On the Saturday everyone brings their own lunch and then some snacks and cakes to share, and we’re also asked to bring a pillow – Richard said we weren’t allowed to take our duck down, Egyptian cotton pillows, so I packed a massive square pillow with an Indian cover I bought with Mummy in Jaipur – nice and ethnic and alternative for Nailsworth. I love this picture of Richard on his way to NCT, a good little NCT husband with his pillow and his packed lunch.


Anyway, it was incredibly helpful in terms of basic info about birth and pain relief and what really happens, and, I think, especially helpful for Richard, who said he learnt plenty. We’ve got one more session next Saturday, where apparently we’re learning all about what happens once the baby has arrived – which quite frankly (if my trip to John Lewis yesterday showed) I am completely clueless about! Bring on the learning!