LOVE: Last hurrah to London (Day 2)

Day 2 started well, with another epic lie in and hot cross buns in bed…


After that we swung by the estate agents to drop off the tenancy agreement for our new tenants and then nipped into The Grafton (our fave local) mostly so that I could go for my tenth wee of the morning, but also so Richard could sneak a cheeky half in….


…Before jumping on the Overground train for the four minute journey to Hampstead Heath….


We walked past the bank holiday fun fair into the quiet of the leafy trees and Hampstead ponds….

IMG_0750 IMG_0748 IMG_0749


Pottering very slowly, as I am now – as these pictures will attest to – very ‘great’ with child. (And only gonna get bigger, heck!)….

IMG_0745 IMG_0744

I announced early on in the walk that I ‘did not want to do any hills’ – so we had to take somewhat of a circuitous route around the Heath….


Which was fine, until we reached Highgate and wanted to go to The Flask, a pub, at the top of a very steep hill. There was no getting around it, so Richard, like a true hero, actually pushed me up most of the hill, you can sort of see him behind me in this pic…


It was rather amusing and we got several strange looks, but I was very impressed at his efforts. I rewarded him with a cool beer and a spot in the sunshine.


The Flask is one of our favourite local pubs to end up at after a walk, and we first found it together over four years ago. Some beer and some chips here, and some sunbathing in the April sun, was a good way to recover from the horrors of the hill….

IMG_0742 IMG_0756 IMG_0758

And then we set off again for a walk around the edge of the Heath and down into Hampstead. We tried to go to another of our favourite pubs, The Holly Bush, only to be greeted by this sight…


Catastrophe! It was closed for a refurb. So we will never be able to go in again. Sob! So, instead we headed straight to our favourite butchers and deli, The Hampstead Butcher & Providore, which sells the most amazing meat, cheese, wines and gourmet dips and such like…


We have loved being near to this place – and have used it to order meat for Christmas in recent years, bought BBQ boxes of burgers and kebabs, done entire (overpriced) weekend shops here, dreamed about their amazing taramoslata and custard tarts (not together, obvs), and the food and service has always been first class. It’s the kind of deli I’d like to open if we ever did such a thing. Anyway, this time around we bought sausages and gammon and luxury custard tarts and gourmet houmous, before heading home, via another favourite pub, The Stag, which we’ve always loved in summer for its epic beer garden, and has been the scene of many of a birthday party, engagement drinks and lazy weekend day.


A quick power nap on the sofa and then Richard took me to Paradise….the curry house just down the road that we will also be rather sad to say goodbye to.

IMG_0770 IMG_0771

The manager knows us now, so there was much merriment at the state of my ever-expanding belly, and we ordered all Richard’s favourite things, and some of mine, before gobbling them down and heading home to bed. At 9:30pm. On a Saturday night. Because that is just how cool we are now.

Day 3 to follow, boasting Easter indulgence, lunch at ANOTHER local favourite and some messing about in the rain!