SOAK: Bathtime in the country…

I am a bit mad on having a bath – in the winter I can have one almost daily – and now I’m pregnant I’m having them pretty often too – not too hot though! I love nothing more than getting into a hot tub for a long soak, with a glass of wine (pre-pregnancy, obvs), or popping something trashy on my iPad and resting it somewhere to watch indulgently in the bath. Or, on the very odd occasion he’s patient enough to do it, getting Richard to sit with me and chat about this day.


I know our lives will be different in the country and one thing we’re looking forward is having more opportunity to chat and catch up, instead of endlessly watching TV. And our new ‘family bathroom’ will be the perfect place to do it. Cosy and warm, with proper curtains and carpet, and enough space for an armchair, I can’t wait to run Richard a hot bath to relax into when he gets home from work, while I curl up on the armchair and we swap stories about his day at the office and my antics with the Wriggler.


I also know this will make such a cosy spot for bathtime with the baby, a warm, quiet space where Richard or I can enjoy some time with Wriggler, getting him or her calm and clean and smelling deliciously baby-like and eventually ready for bed.

We are so lucky to have found this house that lends itself so well to the new life we’re about to begin. So lucky.