THINK: Moving Day…

Moving Day dawned bright and sunny. I sat in bed, indulging in a few last quiet moments…


Then the movers arrived….


And the house emptied quickly….


It was strange seeing its much-loved walls and rooms so empty and echoey….

IMG_1157 IMG_1150 IMG_1149 IMG_1152 IMG_1148

But before I knew it, I was taking a last walk around the house and we were heading through London rush hour and tube strike traffic to the country. Daylight was fading as we arrived, and our cottage was so warm and welcoming and beautiful, it made everything seem so much easier…


Mummy and the movers worked and worked like trojans….

IMG_1156 IMG_1154

And at 10:45pm they finally left, and we enjoyed a glass of Champagne and a bowl of pasta before falling into bed, and a seriously well-earned rest. Overall it was a good day, hard and strange and a bit emotional, but not half as difficult as I had thought it would be. Perhaps in many ways I just knew that this was the right thing we were doing.