PURR: The Spoony Diaries…

Being as Emma is busy nesting and filing and sorting and generally getting under my feet and waking me up from my numerous essential daily naps, I thought I’d jump on-board and show you around my new ‘patch’. Overall I’m loving the country – the house is a bit big and sometimes I like to chase around after nothing, just because I can.

The garden is vast – it took me a while to explore fully – but in recent days I’ve been really quite adventurous, getting into scraps with unfriendly locals, exploring the hedgerows and bringing back ‘presents’ from my travels for Emma and Richard…..

My favourite spot, though, is in front of the fire. I can’t really get enough of this mat/fire combo….as you can tell…IMG_1354

My second favourite spot is the bedroom window…it’s the perfect place for checking on Richard’s vegetables….


Or just scoping out what the weather’s been doing… (raining mostly)….


Sometimes I like to sit and stare at Emma till she gets up and feeds me…


There’s also a very specific spot on the landing that I like to hang out it. It’s just in the middle of the walkway enough to be completely in the way, which suits me fine.


And then sometimes I help Richard with his planting. He’s a relative vegetable novice, so I’ve been helping with handy hints along the way. I know it’s making all the difference.


After all this excitement, I like nothing more than finding a quiet sunny spot in the house to soak up a few rays in….

photo (2)