LOVE: The Friday Five

Just some things that have caught my attention or made me smile this week: Multi-coloured bangles on a tanned arm. Sunshine where ARE you? Please come and visit. The cat, looking like she… Continue reading

DRINK: A different kind of date night!

We are hosting Christmas this year, and, as our first proper Christmas since we got married (we were on a desert island honeymooning last Christmas), we want to Do It Right. And partof this, to us, meant… Continue reading

DRINK: The Grafton, NW5

We were SO excited when this place opened. As real locals we’ve watched it turn from a miserable, wasted space with horrible carpets and cold empty corners, into a buzzing little venue that has… Continue reading

THINK: Camden Lock Night Market

As a local I reckon to spend a fair amount of time doing local things, especially during the weekends. But it has to be said that there’s an awful lot I still don’t… Continue reading

EAT: Caravan, NW1

5 December UPDATE: I have now been here for brunch, and thought I should report back on my findings. Sadly, while the food was good, very tasty, well-cooked, the rest of the experience… Continue reading

LOVE: Buying from your local shops online

I have to admit to a penchant for food shopping online, the ease of having everything you need for a dinner party, or just a weekend at home, delivered to your door makes… Continue reading

EAT: Street Food at The Grafton, NW5

A  couple of weeks ago we were heading home from a random Friday night dash around the supermarket, when we realised we’d managed to buy everything we needed for the weekend, except dinner on… Continue reading

THINK: A plea for your good natures

I hope you’ll forgive me for some somewhat shameless fundraising. But it’s a good cause. Last Sunday we did one of our favourite things, and walked across the Heath to The Flask in… Continue reading

Love: Chicken Shop, NW5

When Giles Coren reviewed this place recently, he said that it was the kind of place he’d always hoped would open in Kentish Town and make it as cool as he believed it… Continue reading

Think: The (underground) grass isn’t always greener

I was in France recently, getting various trains all over the place and changing between stations in Paris, Lille and Lyon. While we were in Paris, it suddenly occurred to us how lucky… Continue reading

DRINK: Fruity ice tea

I love Lov Organic teas, they’re always really tasty and rich in flavour, made with lots of good things and no yucky addictives. This berry tea makes a healthy alternative to caffeine and… Continue reading

EAT: The Ginger Pig, Marylebone

My other half is a big carnivore. That’s not to say I’m not, but I mean, meat really gets him excited, you know. He’s never happier than in a butcher’s shop, perusing the… Continue reading