LIVE: Richard gets his wood….

Ordering wood here has been quite the saga – the guy we chose took a very ‘country’ approach to delivery. Promising it would be with us in a couple of days when Richard… Continue reading

LOVE: The Friday Five…(Bump Watch)

A bit of a bump-theme this month. As this pregnancy comes to an end, I can honestly say I’ve LOVED being pregnant. Once the nausea and tiredness was over in those first three… Continue reading

PURR: The Spoony Diaries…

Being as Emma is busy nesting and filing and sorting and generally getting under my feet and waking me up from my numerous essential daily naps, I thought I’d jump on-board and show… Continue reading

LOVE: The Friday Five

 1. Red velvet cake, with workman’s tools in icing on the top – very in keeping with our busy little DIY house…. 2. Stewed rhubarb, picked from our own garden and stewed with… Continue reading

GROW: The Veggie Diaries

The saga of the veg patch continues. I can confirm we now have potatoes and lettuce sprouting, but the parsnips, courgettes, spring onions and beetroot are yet to make an appearance. To distract… Continue reading

LOVE: Nesting in the nursery…

Shortly after we moved in, it was made patently aware to us, (mostly by our well-meaning and infinitely wise mothers), that we were in no way, shape or form ready for this baby.… Continue reading

THINK: Moving Day…

Moving Day dawned bright and sunny. I sat in bed, indulging in a few last quiet moments… Then the movers arrived…. And the house emptied quickly…. It was strange seeing its much-loved walls… Continue reading

EAT: Chick, Chick, Chick, Chick, Chicken Shop! One last time….

On our last night in London we decided to go to Chicken Shop, Richard’s favourite restaurant of all time ever, and the one place that I know I will really miss down in… Continue reading

THINK: The Friday Five – Last London Moments

A few candid (and somewhat nostalgic) shots from our final days in London. Despite a rather last minute attempt to find maternity cover for me, work still made a bit of an effort… Continue reading

SOAK: Bathtime in the country…

I am a bit mad on having a bath – in the winter I can have one almost daily – and now I’m pregnant I’m having them pretty often too – not too… Continue reading

EAT: Little last minute treats…

One of the things I am sure I am going to miss when on maternity leave/living in the country/not working/being mother to a newborn (a!!) is swanning into work in the morning armed… Continue reading

GROW: Planting some veggies…

Last weekend on Sunday after our two NCT classes, Richard got back into his gardening gear – which has had a slight upgrade since last time – nylon football shorts replaced for brown… Continue reading